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Pegine and her company make leaders great. Called a “walking one-woman antidote to workplace cynicism.” She creates an engaging experience and environment where leaders and teams learn and practice the skills of impact, influence and the ability to inspire others. Pegine has spoken to and created leadership experiential events for ten percent of the Fortune 500, twelve percent of Direct Selling News North American Top 50 and all branches of the US Military. She keynotes at events organized by corporations, business organizations, sales forces, entrepreneurial groups, associations, the military, colleges, and universities. Coaching clients include politicians, entrepreneurs, and leaders in various industries.

Pegine’s keynotes, training, and teambuilding programs, as well as her books and CD’s, include real business and professional strategies to lead with impact, influence and the ability to inspire others. Pegine is quoted in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and Forbes. Pegine is one of 58 inductees into the Motivational Speakers Hall of Fame. During her programs Pegine transforms the way people look at themselves, their clients and their business, using humor. She has a unique ability to deliver workplace, sales and life lessons culled from her experiences and learning about your organization to help individuals and teams to:

  • Increase their leadership effectiveness
  • Increase sales
  • Increase collaboration, connections, and teamwork
  • Utilize inclusion to maximize innovation
  • Engage women and multicultural groups
  • Increase your impact, influence, and ability to inspire others

She holds a Master in Social Work focusing on leadership and organizational development. Trained in using the improvisational theater for coaching. Her company, Team Pegine, was named North Florida’s #3 Fastest Growing Privately Owned Company. Team Pegine Inc produces teambuilding, leadership experiences and uses professional role players so business leaders can practice impact, influence and the ability to inspire others to action. Pegine is the author of “Sometimes You Need to Kick Your Own Butt”, “Bragging Rights Transform Your Team in 21 Days” and “Lead and Think Big“.

The clients who have used her and her company’s services include Army, Navy, Air Force, Army Corps of Engineers, Coast Guard, Walmart, Harley Davidson, HSBC Bank, Silpada, Princess House, Travelers Insurance, Colgate-Palmolive, Rubbermaid, and others.


Pegine’s Most Requested Presentations

Play B.I.G.: Take Charge of Your Potential

You have a choice! Either you choose to Play B.I.G. or you choose to play small. Choosing to Play B.I.G. reaps rewards that include energy, prosperity, inspiration, creativity and love. Women’s Leadership and Success Motivational Speaker Pegine uses the techniques taught, they work.

I’ve Got the Power: The Power to be Heard! The Power to Receive What I Desire!

Do You WAAAHMoo(TM)?
Engage, Retain, Leverage Opportunities  with Diverse Communities

Pegine provides insights, benefits and strategy to engage and retain Women, African Americans, Asians, Hispanics, Military who Offer you Opportunities to innovate new services, increase market share, solve problems and be leaders in a diverse world. Women’s Leadership and Success Motivational Speaker Pegine isn’t rah, rah she’s about action, ideas and success for your business.

pegine speaking

Carry the Torch

In this program, Pegine leads participants on an interactive and entertaining journey of what true leadership is. She shares how true leadership is embodied in three torch symbols. Women’s Leadership and Success Motivational Speaker Pegine leads daily. Her team follows through because she uses the techniques she teaches.

Communicate Your Value

Communicate Your Value

Pegine shares how people think they are promoting their value. She then teaches techniques and tips that truly promote ones value so people listen. Women’s Leadership and Success Motivational Speaker Pegine taught thousands her VALUE technique.

GEMS: Leading in a Diverse World

GEMS: Leading in a Diverse World

There are three aspects that individuals have within their organization, whether they are on the front line or in senior management. This program explores how these three aspects manifest success. Women’s Leadership and Success Motivational Speaker Pegine takes audiences on a journey of self discovery and self responsibility.  This is a program is brought back over and over for corporations and government agencies.  It makes a difference in productivity and morale.


Lighten Up and Lead: How to be a Feisty,
Fearless, Focused, Fun Female Leader

Assertive, courageous, committed, and charismatic leaders in a diverse world are women who are Feisty, Fearless, Focused, and Fun female leaders. Learn the skills, strategies, and techniques to be seen, heard and followed by those that matter. Women’s Leadership and Success Motivational Speaker Pegine embodies the concepts taught.  Women walk out confident, bold and powerful.

What People Are Saying


We truly felt it was an honor to have you present to our audience. I continue to hear positive feedback about your energy and the message you conveyed. Your presentation was definitely customized to Colgate’s needs and culture. The professionalism exemplified by you and your team was above my expectations and that certainly enabled us to launch the session with ease. Pegine, some of the attendees have expressed how much more self-motivated they are and that the session has truly made a difference. The results for Colgate is a more productive workforce who has come in contact with their true selves.

— Alexandra Contreras, Global Workplace Initiatives Analyst


Chase Manhattan Bank

This is one of the best workshops that I’ve attended, to help one deal with personal development and figuring out one’s purpose in life. I strongly encourage you to use Pegine’s Services

— Debra McDell, VP Special Events
Chase Manhattan Bank



What a dynamic presentation! The audience was hooked within minutes of her beginning, and on their feet, clapping with enthusiasm, when she ended her presentation. What was especially impressive was Pegine’s ‘homework’ in getting to know her audience. Pegine queried us extensively about the potential audience mix, including not just ethnic and race issues, but also professional vs. support staff, age mix, etc. Her presentation was a payoff for the audience; her comments ‘nailed’ the employees in general, and astounded many with her very real observation. Her message was definitely well received. Another appreciated factor of Pegine’s success was her excellent use of humor. She was able to discuss very ‘ego-bruising’ issues in a highly professional and positive manner. What a class act! We would recommend Pegine Echevarria to any audience…

— Deborah A. Cotleur and Annie Holton


US Army

Thank you for speaking at the Atlanta Recruiting Battalion’s Annual Training Conference. All in attendance were impressed and truly enjoyed your presentation. Without the support and dedication of outstanding Americans such as you, we could not continue to recruit quality young men and women to serve as Soldiers. You are truly an Army of One!

— Thomas P. Bostick, Major General
US Army


American Cancer Society

Pegine is brilliant. She is a master at making a diverse audience feel at ease right away. She has an uncanny ability to read her audience, and will motivate them with a great dose of humor. At an American Cancer Society retreat for families who had a child with cancer, Pegine told parents just what they needed to hear — and they left empowered, ready to take positive action. She is praised by the medical community, who appreciate the way she connects with her audience!

— Director of Childhood Cancer Programs American Cancer Society
Florida Division, Inc


Social Security Administration

I thoroughly enjoyed your story and the overall message you bring. I thank you for making it entertaining and meaningful for the audience. The work we do is challenging and we needed speakers who could revitalize and inspire a fairly seasoned subsection of the SSA workforce. I thought you did a wonderful job and I would certainly recommend you to my peers from other federal agencies who might need someone with your unique offerings to support their human capital initiatives.

— Reginald F. Wells, Deputy Commissioner, Human Resources
Social Security Administration

Partial Client List

Team Pegine Client List



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