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Hall of Fame Speaker 
  • Motivational Speaker Hall of Fame
  • Hispanic Speaker Hall of Fame
  • SHRM Global Thought Leaders on Diversity and Inclusion
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Leadership & Influence Expert Speaker

Leading in a Diverse World.

We live and work in a diverse world. Leadership requires embracing three roles in a diverse world. Learn how from Pegine.

Power Women Lead.

Increase Profits, Productivity and Engagement. Learn how Women build strong businesses from Pegine.

Lead Virtually 

It is a whole new world! Leading with influence, impact, and inspiring others virtually requires 8 key components. Book Pegine Now







Virtual Keynote Speaking

Pegine produces interactive, engaging, content rich keynotes in on leadership, business and diversity. Pegine's energy, enthusiasm combined with her insights and wisdom mean you have an extraordinary experience for your audience.

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Leading Teams Virtually Requires Skills, Insight and Awareness 

Bring Pegine to your organization so leaders can learn and be inspired. 

Leading teams virtually requires a plan of action that enables you, the leader, to keep the team focused on the vision, prevent miscommunication and project delays, build morale and camaraderie, and deliver higher levels of productivity. Learn the skills to have a  daily and weekly plan of communication implementation so your team remains engaged and connected to you and your vision. Build a strong presence so others confidently follow your learn and know they are part of your community. Lead virtually in a vibrant, healthy, and supportive way.   



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Hire Pegine for your next event. 

We would love to work with you as you plan your next event.  Pegine brings the enthusiasm, engagement, education, and energy to make your conference have a powerful, positive impact.

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They receive actionable content. Techniques, strategies and behavior changes that increase profits, increase productivity of your attendees and their employees and teams. Motivational business speaker Pegine provides tools and strategies that attendees can use to increase their leadership effectiveness.


Participants make connections. In a high tech world you want a speaker that can facilitate connections between audience members.  Who your audience knows increases their ability to leverage resources, time and talent. Pegine provides opportunities for audiences for them to connect.


They laugh. Pegine’s hobby was doing stand up comedy and she is trained in improvisational theater. Pegine uses humor, stories and is amazing at incorporating your culture, your unique message into her message


They receive and remember the shout outs, call outs, mantras, and cadences. Audiences use them long after her presentations to stay focused on the goals. 

  • Be Bold, Be Brave, Be Seen, Be Heard

  • Great Engaged Leaders Manifest Success


They are engaged. motivational business speaker Pegine engages attendees with her charisma . Her energy, enthusiasm and kick butt attitude engages audiences immediately. She says what needs to be said in a way that audience respond to with enthusiastic applause.


Audiences utilize the processes and systems taught long after a Pegine Experience—88% of Intel participants said they’re still using Pegine’s tools 6 months later. Audiences apply and use the systems and feel capable using them impacting your ROI


Pegine is brilliant, entertaining, and smart.

❤️ Pegine is the BEST! I love her energy, her insight, and her ideas! Thank you, APA for bringing her to us!

❤️ This was an amazing and motivating experience! The energy was great, and a wonderful example of how to increase your online presence. Well worth it!

❤️ Awesome Presentation!

❤️ Whew!! Pegine is fabulous!!!

❤️ Great presenter, kept it interesting and alive!

❤️ Pegine makes my day! Lois Fried, CPP

❤️ Pegine is a powerhouse. Energetic. Dynamic. Inspirational.

❤️ Weeks after, our attendees are still commenting on your energy and the relevancy of your presentation to our environment. You really caught the majority of our attendees off guard with your ability to speak to events and use terms that are unique to our company and our management positions. The customization of your presentation, as well as the humor you used to deliver your message, kept the entire group involved and charged throughout.

❤️ She is a dynamic ball of energy able to adapt to any audience. Her energy, inspiration, and hope are dramatic. Pegine will work with your organization to meet the goals

❤️ I enjoyed all the supportive ideas that can help my team during telework periods. So many positive ways to include them in everything.

❤️ This was so helpful! I can't wait to use these techniques to motivate my team.

❤️ Pegine is the greatest! I loved to hear her speak! Tiffany, CPP

Wake Up! Pegine Inspires

❤️ High Energy! I was curious as to how the virtual Congress would be. If the Congress is like this, I can't wait to participate. It was a great program.

❤️ Pegine is amazing/. She has so much energy. She motivates me to be a better leader and person.

❤️ What a great and comprehensive view of ways to improve our effectiveness!

❤️ As a one-person payroll department, APA really helps me stay involved.

❤️ Tips for leading virtually that I can put into action today, listening to Pegine, renewed my energy and enthusiasm for keeping it 'fresh' with my remote team! Becky Harshberger

❤️ Amazing experience to hear from Pegine. I could listen to her any day.

❤️ Very Relevant to today's working world.

❤️ Pegine's energy and enthusiasm are infectious! Her ability to deliver advice on challenging management situations had me taking notes in record time. I discovered I need to change how I communicate with my team and bring some life to the virtual meeting space.

❤️ I enjoyed all the supportive ideas that can help my team during telework periods—so many positive ways to include them in everything.

❤️ What a dynamic presentation! The audience was hooked within minutes of her beginning and on their feet, clapping with enthusiasm, when she ended her presentation. What was especially impressive was Pegine’s ‘homework’ in getting to know her audience. She was able to discuss very ‘ego-bruising issues in a highly professional and positive manner. What a class act! We would recommend Pegine Echevarria to any audience…





Audiences Love Pegine

❤️ Creative, innovative, and excellent information to navigate these unchartered waters. I plan to implement several concepts. Andrea L.

❤️ This session re-energized my vision!

❤️ LOVE Pegine's energy and message. So valuable for today's WFH climate.

❤️ WHEW! Great and Informative Presentation.

❤️ Empowering the new normal!

❤️ Pegine is a "should NOT miss" speaker. Wonderful presentation and so valuable to what we are dealing with today.

❤️ Pegine is amazing! She has such wonderful and yet simple ideas to improve yourself and your team!

❤️ Glad to hear wonderful ideas to keep employees engaged and maintain a virtual presence. Whew!

❤️ Great presentation on a timely topic! I learned something new, and I came away encouraged. Thanks, APA! - Angela Kirby

❤️ This was great information but what made it extraordinary was Pegine!! She was engaging, energetic, and WHEW! a virtual breath of fresh air!!! I loved it! Sharonda Hurt

❤️ I love energetic webinars such as these.

❤️ Great event!! Thanks so much for offering us a little extra icing on the payroll cake :) -Jessica Maddox, CPP

❤️ "W"e love Pegine - "H"ave her speak - "E"verytime - "W"e have Congress!! Great presentation and valuable information to help inspire people to be influential leaders virtually.