Great Speakers Are Not Born

They are created though practice and technique.

Better communicators make MORE money

Women leaders who explain, teach, and guide build STRONGER businesses.  

Women leaders who speak and inspire can CHANGE the world.

Women Speakers who  INFLUENCE, IMPACT, INSPIRE  and OWN THE STAGE are always in high demand.

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Power Women Speaker Retreat

Influence, impact and Inspire others through your power, presence and program. Three sessions available every year.


Dream of being a speaker, expert or authority who presents powerfully?

Want to present effectively and confidently with influence before people in your community and organization? 

Ready to take charge as a a confident keynote  presenter?

Want to be the inspiring leader and speaker who can change the future of your industry?

Attend the Power Women Speakers Retreat? Are You a FIt? Let's Talk

Who Should Attend?

Women who  make any type of presentation for a living, be it at a trade show, in front of a Board,  to the sales team you manage, or if you are a professional speaker, expert or authority. 

Women who want to present authentically, powerfully, confidently, effectively and most importantly, be able to influence, impact and inspire others to act.

 Hear what attendees gained:





Get ready for an retreat that will change your professional life. 

An intimate group of  professional women committed to being their best virtually and on stage. 


What you'll get:

  • A Day of Pegine Power expertise, enthusiasm, and content
  • Practice your craft and get immediate feedback
  • Processes to write your keynote and programs so they rock your audiences. You represent your organization. Be the Best you can be.
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What will you learn?

Over two days you will learn the following:

  • How to craft strategic and engaging presentations and keynotes (you will receive a plan of action)
  • How to present VIRTUALLY and powerfully in meetings, as a VIRTUAL keynote and how to manage the back end
  • How to move audience members through a range of emotions, feelings and experiences
  • Cultivating a dynamic delivery through body language and use of visual aids
  • How to master audience engagement
  • Calming your public speaking anxiety
  • The power of pacing, pause and stage craft
  • How to use a microphone and audio visual aids 
  • How to manage your energy so the audience knows you are in control.
  • How to create a powerful introduction 
  • 7 strategies to be memorable
  • How to open and close a speech with impact
  • Sell from the stage without sounding like a hawker
  • The woman's guide to owning the room, stage, and persona

Testimonial - Corporate Leader


This two-packed day is an interactive workshop focusing on how to become a powerful platform presenter and a power woman speaker who owns the stage.

WHEN - 2023


 Look for dates for the next six months



Location is in Jacksonville, FL 

Once enrolled you will receive your packet one week before the program.





9:00 am to 5:00 pm.


8am to 1 pm

Your Presenter - Pegine

Pegine is the one of eight women in the Motivational Speaker Hall of Fame, the only woman in the Hispanic Speakers Hall of Fame. She is founder of Power Women Pro a membership of over 600+ global professional speakers who happen to be women. She speaks regularly to 10% of the Fortune 100, all branches of the military and associations worldwide. She is a certified speaking professional less than 2,000 speakers and trainers worldwide hold the designation. She was on the National Board of Directors of the National Speakers Association and on the Executive Board of the Global Speakers Federation whose members are professional speaking association from around the world.

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Power Women Speakers Retreat

Past attendees includ CEO of statewide agency, corporate leader in energy, branding experts, CFO, Women's Business Group CEO, Emotional Intelligence Expert, Political Candidate, Accountant, and Hospitality Executive.


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