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A five part series sharing Pegine’s tips for “How To Communicate Your Value” Part One How to communicate what you visably do.

A five part series sharing Pegine’s tips for “How To Communicate Your Value” Part Two How to communicate your attitude and its value at work or for your clients.

Interview with Joel Block on Staying Focused on Business

Interview with Joel Block on Diversifying Your Network

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Interview with Shep Hyken on How executive leaders need to use video to communicate to their stakeholders

Leadership, Business Success with Pegine. Pegine TV is Leadership TV providing tips for being impactful, influential and inspiring in a diverse world

Shows on leadPegine TVership development, success practices and diversification in business, skills and clients. Scroll down to see new shows posted.

Pegine also interviews leaders and experts in various disciplines and industries who share their thoughts, ideas and strategies with you.

Pegine TV is Leadership TV for a mobile, ever changing world.

More shows are added weekly.

Pegine brings a unique perspective to leadership TVMore about leadership speaker Pegine Echevarria

Pegine sees the world through the lens that leadership is not static, leadership is not one size fits all, leadership is complex and leadership touches all aspects of business, success and society. Leadership in a diverse world is bigger than a group of people, bigger than various business models and bigger than the perspectives of any one person. Leaders confront the scope of their roles every day. Leadership TV can help.

Pegine is here to help. Pegine TV is leadership TV, providing the wisdom of people in various fields of endeavor, Pegine delivers her own feisty, fearless, focused and fun perspective and focuses on you, the leader who is juggling many people, priorities and opinions. You, the leader in a diverse world.

About Pegine

Pegine is a About Peginekeynote speaker, coach and author on leadership and business. She works with leaders to impact, influence and inspire others. A Certified Speaking Professional, Pegine goes by her first name, if it is good enough for Oprah, Shakira and Beyoncé it’s good enough for her.

Pegine is quoted in Forbes Magazine, Wall Street Journal and the New York Times on leadership, business, women in leadership and women in business. Pegine is the founder of the “Global Executive Women’s Leadership Experience”. A leadership program utilizing professional role players to impact, influence and inspire others.

Her company, Team Pegine was named the #3 of the 50 Fastest Growing Privately Owned Company in northeast Florida. Macy’s and Minority Business Enterprise Magazine named her one of 3 women who rock in business in the US.

Pegine is the only Latina inducted in the Motivational Speakers Hall of Fame and one of only 8 women. Her books include “Sometimes You Need to Kick Your Own Butt “and “Bragging Rights Transform Your Team in 21 Days.”

Interested in being a guest on the show? Click Here

We are looking for guests who can provide real value to our leadership viewers. These are leaders in corporate, entrepreneurs, direct sales, government and military. All content drives our leaders to have impact, influence and the ability to inspire others. They lead in a diverse world so they are looking for concepts, ideas, strategies on diversity and diversification: people, business models, ideas and tools. Again, all content drives our leaders to have impact, influence and the ability to inspire others. If you think you are a fit. Please fill in this form. Be patient as we work through the production schedule.

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Women’s Leadership Advice: Be A Memorable Character!

Someone I recently met at a conference emailed me and shared “Wow, You are a memorable character!”
Pegine-be memorable


I shared the comment on a Facebook group about Women’s Leadership Advice. I received responses from women saying “Go Girl” “You Rock” and so on. I also received a response saying

“That is rude”. I realized that many lurkers probably thought the same thing, Which lead to this post, “Are You Memorable?” and more importantly “Are You a Memorable Character?”  It’s not rude to be called a memorable character, it’s awesome and powerful!
The best women’s leadership advice I ever received was from one of my sponsors and a CSMO (Chief Sales and Marketing Officer) named Al Roth. He said, “People remember you, promote you, sponsor you, hire you, buy from  you and refer you because they remember you are a positive character.”

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Women’s Confidence Grows When They Accept Deserved Kudos

Women are doers. They get the job done. They keep doing task after task, giving, giving, giving. “Hey, I just did my job, no biggie.” Confidence in women occurs when they can influence sponsors, gain visibility and share their wisdom, embrace the kudos!Women’s Confidence Grows - See more at:

When women don’t stop to acknowledge themselves and receive the kudos, accomplishments and applause from others (and themselves), they stop a series of experiences that will give the them confidence to take future action. Recognition develops the confidence they need for bigger and more profitable opportunities. Women miss the chance to influence sponsors, gain visibility and showcase their wisdom when they don’t embrace applause. Often times  women don’t reward themselves, appreciate themselves and certainly don’t think they are special after accomplishing a challenging, difficult, successful goal. “Hey, I just did what I was supposed to do, no big deal.

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Posted by Pegine Echevarria, MSW, CSP in Female Leadership

Women’s Leadership Speaker and Expert To Receive the “Rosie” Award

The “Rosie” is awarded to women who have proven themselves in the workplace, broken down barriers, entered non-traditional careers, and proven that “We Can Do It!” Pegine, Women’s Leadership Speaker and Expert, will receive the award at the (click for RSVP and tickets) 13th Annual Equal Pay Day Awards Luncheon on 4/8 Tuesday11:30 AM

Suzy Jackson, who nominated Team Pegine Inc CEO, a women’s leadership speaker and expert, Pegine, for the award wrote in the nomination form

Pegine’s greatest strength is her tenacity—she simply will not give up, and won’t let the others she leads and cares for give-up either. Ms. Echevarria has done some really amazing things because of her high level of commitment in three main areas.


Commitment to Herself – Pegine will be the first to tell you that as a teenager she was adrift. As a young Hispanic in the Bronx, New York she became involved with a girls’ street gang. But at age 17 she decided that what she was doing would only lead to her destruction and decided that to do something different, she needed to become a different person.

Commitment to her Profession and Company – Her early career experiences led her to specialize in the area of diversity and inclusion. Ms. Echevarria founded what would become Team Pegine, Inc. (TPI) in 1996 as a platform for developing, monitoring, reporting, and implementing strategies needed to eliminate the under representation of minorities, women, and people with disabilities in the workplace. In 2013 her company was named to the Jacksonville Business Journal 50 Fastest Growing Privately Owned Companies in North Florida.

Commitment to the Support of Women Leaders – Pegine has embraced her unique role in developing and supporting what she likes to call –fun, focused, feisty, fearless, financially prosperous females! Currently her work as a Women’s Leadership Speaker, coach and Expert is laser focused on women in leadership. Pegine sees women coming into their own in the 21st century, but they often times need help in making the transition from support to leadership. Pegine does not allow women to indulge in victimhood, but encourages, enlightens and reminds us that sometimes we have to “kick our own butt”!

The Spirit of Rosie award is named for the fictional character promoted in World War II as the ideal woman worker. More than six million women helped to build bombs, planes, tanks and other weapons that would eventually help win World War II. They became streetcar drivers, operated heavy construction machinery, worked in lumber and steel mills, unloaded freight and much more, thus creating an entirely new image of women in American society and setting the stage for upcoming generations.

Equal Pay Day symbolizes how far into 2014 women must work to earn what men earned in 2013. Because women earn less, on average, than men, they must work longer for the same amount of pay. The wage gap is even greater for most women of color.

Program Sponsors for Equal Pay Day and the Spirit of Rosie Awards are the Women’s Center of Jacksonville, Mayor’s Commission on the Status of Women, American Association of University Women (AAUW), Florida State College at Jacksonville, and Biscotti’s Catering.

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Women’s Leadership Advice: Mentor Our Girls Don’t Ban Bossy Girls

There is a new campaign called “BanBossy” started by Beyoncé and Sheryl Sandberg of Facebook.  Are these women, unintentionally, perpetuating a negative image of bossy girls ? People are hearing  Ban Bossy Girls not “BanBossy”. Bossy girls are true to themselves, they may care that they are called bossy, but they keep on keeping on.  It is the girls that aren’t called bossy that we have to focus on. The hidden girl that stands to the side, the girl who doesn’t believe in herself and the girl that most people forget. Here is women’s leadership advice: mentor our girls don’t ban bossy girls.

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Posted by Pegine Echevarria, MSW, CSP in Female Leadership

Are Smart, Ambitious Females Bold Women Leaders?

Are Smart, Ambitious Females Bold Women Leaders? Are our female college grads and valedictorians bold enough to lead?

According to Entrepreneur Magazine “In 2012, 67 percent of college graduates and 70 percent of valedictorianswhat-women-achieved-through-decades-infographicwere women, according to the infographic below compiled by Sage, a business-management software company.”

The info-graphic shares:

  • In 2012 women represented 51% of the PhD s
  • In 2012 71% of Valedictorian’s were women

Are they bold enough to be future leaders of our most important institutions?  These women will have to learn and embrace the following risk taking skills to lead powerfully.

  • Be Willing to Create Big, Disruptive Change

  • Have Radical Ideas and Stand Behind Them

  • Be Willing to Go Into Competitive Industries and Say YES To Opportunities

  • Become Numb to Verbal Attacks, Reputation Smears and People’s Opinions



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Posted by Pegine Echevarria, MSW, CSP in Female Leadership

Leadership Advice for Women: Apply the 4 “A’s”

The four ‘A’ strategies to be an effective leader, this is for you, leadership advice for women. People love working for women leaders who follow the four A’s atThe Four A's of Leadership work, in business and as volunteers. The four A’s are Appreciate, Applaud, Acknowledge, and Accept. People who use the four A’s consistently receive benefits galore… loyal staff, a reputation as a person of influence,increased productivity and higher engagement levels from a diverse workforce. Listen and read below about these tools to gain leverage at work and in the community.  People are attracted to people who follow the 4 A’s.

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Leadership Advice: Women Share Your Knowledge it’s a Career Imperative

People notice how you support others, Leaders have information and experiences that others want to know. It is important that female leaders share their knowledge.  You may not have an official ‘leader’ title, however,  know that others see you both as woman and a high potential for leadership, share your leadership advice. This video shares leadership advice for women on the critical importance of sharing your knowledge.

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Step Up, Say Thank You and Adopt The Reserve and National Guard member

Imagine you finished your 40, 50 or 60 hour week.  You head home and give your significant other a kiss, change your clothes and head out to your next job,  serving our country.  You spend the weekend training, preparing and practicing.  Over the last few years you had to leave your full time job and your family and deploy to Iraq, Afghanistan or many other places around the world,  you then return home.13.AR.ThankYou Card.TeamPegine

Around the country, every month, men and women go to their second jobs.

They are  unsung heroes.

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Women in the workforce Finish this sentence: My experience as a Woman in the Workforce is…

Women: Send Your Work Story….Leadership Development

The role of women in the workforce has changed significantly over the past 50 years. In 1963, President John F. Kennedy commissioned a report on the status of the nation’s women workers. As part of an effort to commemorate the report’s anniversary, the Women’s Bureau recently launched a webpage to gather feedback on what America’s working women currently experience. Today, more women than ever are working, taking on leadership positions and starting their own businesses. What else has changed? The Women’s Bureau is inviting working women throughout the country to share their personal experiences.

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