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Be Powerful! Be You! Have a Positive Impact! Women leaders who exhibit power, authority, and influence are bold, brave, heard and seen.

✯ Women in Business ✯ Speakers, Experts, Influencers and Authorities

Power Women in Business is for speakers, experts, influencers, and authorities who deserve to be well paid for their expertise. We provide courses, coaching, masterminds, and membership so our JEDI women called to influence, impact, and inspire the world to have the ability to prosper, build confidence for higher earnings, and deliver results that wow their market.

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✯Women in Leadership✯ Diversity and Inclusion

Unlock the Power to Present and Influence with Power Leadership Executive Coaching for women who are in the public eye and must lead with influence designed to push you, prod you and prepare you for high risk and high-value situations

Talent Management and Organizational leaders learn tips, tools, and procedures to grow women and their allies to increase women at senior levels.    

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✯ Keynote Speaker ✯ Leadership and Business In A Diverse World

Hire Diversity and Inclusion expert Pegine to keynote your next women's leadership conference, corporate, and association event. She is feisty, fearless, focused, and tons of fun. Named by the Society of Human Resource Management as one of 100 Global Thought leaders in Diversity and Inclusion she is also in the Motivational Speakers Hall of Fame. 

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Power Women Worldwide VIRTUAL Presenter Certification of Excellence

Meeting professionals, corporate decision-makers, industry leaders want to be assured that their speakers are capable of presenting VIRTUALLY to their members and audiences in an engaging, informative, entertaining, and compelling way. They are investing in hiring the best speakers and want to know that the speakers are the 'real deal'.

This certification verifies that you are a speaker of excellence. You met the criteria, experience, excellence, expertise and engagement.

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Pegine Appears in the News

Women's leadership expert is interviewed by top media.


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