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Pegine Echevarria - Owner, Team Pegine

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Women leaders in business Step Into Your Power

Gain Confidence, Charisma and Faith in Yourself !

A course to 

uplift you, educate you and give you the tools to step into your power.


  • Build Your Mental Strength
  • Focus on Your Uniqueness
  • Sharpen Your Communication Skills
  • Believe in Yourself By Planning Your Dream
  • Invest in Your Confidence
Pegine - Step Into Your Power

Celebrating Our Women in leadership Book
and the 18 Global Female Leaders who share women's leadership brilliance

Call To Lead Book by Pegine

For Women Leaders who are called to lead teams, events, projects and businesses.

Women called to lead are natural Leaders who want to grow, expand, be their best while...taking care of themselves in the process.

A book for women who are called to lead. Insights, wisdom, advice, and techniques from eighteen women leaders from around the world who lead in a variety of industries and who successfully navigate their roles as leaders.

There are FIVE SEGMENTS of the book:

- The Power of Being Called to Lead
- The Power of Self-Mastery in Leadership
- The Power of Influential Leadership
- The Power of Emotions and The Mind in Leadership
- The Power of Leadership Love

Your Leadership is Needed Now

Be Powerful! Be You! Have a Positive Impact! Women leaders who exhibit power, authority, and
influence are bold, brave, heard and seen.

Power Women in Business is for speakers, experts, influencers, and authorities

Who deserve to be well paid for their expertise. We provide courses, coaching, masterminds, and membership so our expert business women influence, impact, and inspire the world to have the ability to prosper, build confidence for higher earnings, and deliver results that wow their market and are able to run profitable scalable influential businesses.

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Women working in corporations and organizations step up and lead.

Unlock your Power to Influence, Impact, and Inspire others. Gain the practice, insights, and experiences to be bold, brave, confidently seen, and heard. Our programs, coaching, and services provide those experiences. Talent Management and Organizational leaders learn tips, tools, and procedures to grow women leaders and give their allies insights and support to be effective.

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Hire Women's  Motivational Leadership Business expert Pegine to keynote your next Women's leadership business conference.

Women in Corporate, and Women in associations event want a powerful women's leadership keynote speaker. Pegine is feisty, fearless, focused, and tons of fun. Pegine is a Women's Leadership Keynote Speaker is in the Motivational Speakers Hall of Fame, Million Dollar Club, and is Leader of Power Women Worldwide. Women in Leadership Speaker was named by the Society of Human Resource Management as one of 100 Global Thought leaders in Diversity and Inclusion . Women's Business speaker  is also inducted into the Hispanic Speakers Hall of Fame!

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Women's leadership in business Keynote Speaker & Expert

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Women’s leadership expert is interviewed by top media

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