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  • Own The Stage. with power, confidence and stagecraft
  • Own Your Business. Create products that sell your message and your solutions
  • Own Your Brand. Be recognizable, be seen, be heard, and be paid well
  • Own  Your Power.  Enhance your confidence, moxie, and power mindset
  • Own Your life. Live your joyous life while building a business working 4 days a week or less. 
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Receive the Five Stages of A Speaker Expert Business

Use this guide for years to come as you grow and expand your business.

Focus on where you are and where you are going.

PLUS Pegine explains each step, gain information and insights

Power Women Worldwide

for female speakers and experts in business

Utilize Pegine Power to expand and grow

You deserve to be well paid for your expertise. My goal for you as a woman and expert is to influence, impact, and inspire the world and prosper, build confidence for higher earnings, and deliver results that wow your market.

You can run a profitable, scalable influential business

You can be with your family, grow a business and be happy

You can be on stages worldwide if that is your dream

You can be interviewed and sought after for your expertise

Own the Stage • Own Your Business • Own Your Brand • Own Your Power • Own Your Life


Every woman speaker and expert deserves a coach, cheerleader, and mentor! 

Unlock your potential with affordable empowerment.

That's why I created Power Women Worldwide.

I know what it takes to thrive in the expert business. I am in the Motivational Speakers Hall of Fame (one of eight women), have spoken for global brands, and shared the stage with three US presidents. A member of the Million Dollar Speakers Group. Named one of the largest minority-owned and women-owned businesses in North Florida. I am also a therapist (MSW), mother, wife, and juggler of life.

Learn how to get booked by top corporations, associations and agencies.

Pegine's is booked regularly by some of the world's top organizations. 

Working with me, you will:

  • Identify your perfect market and how to be known within your market.
  • Build the confidence and conviction to ask for and receive what you want.
  • Create processes and systems to book and deliver outstanding service, so you have repeat business.
  • Learn how to find clients and events that are in alignment with your mission.
  • Create a business that allows you to have time for yourself and nurture your family.
  • Be paid well.

Be Bold, Be Brave, Be Seen, Be Heard, and Be Paid Well

Our Memberships, Coaching, and Programs are for you!

Power Women in Business is for
speakers, experts, influencers, and authorities

You deserve to be well paid for their expertise. We provide courses, coaching, masterminds, and membership so our expert business women influence, impact, and inspire the world to have the ability to prosper, build confidence for higher earnings, and deliver results that wow their market and are able to run profitable scalable influential businesses.

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I've had such an amazing year sharing ideas with these incredible women. Thank you, Pegine Echevarria, for creating this tribe and being a leading light for women speakers. The conversations, learning, and supportive environment have helped me have a much better year than expected, financially and emotionally. LOVE Power Women ELITE and love YOU, Pegine!

Mindy Gibbons Klien
supports business professionals worldwide to be perceived as Thought Leaders in their field

I just finished a coaching session with Pegine Echevarria. Her business plan alone is worth the session's price. I We worked on a single marketing strategy today, and I now have greater clarity and simple steps to take. Pegine has good ideas and knows the right questions to ask. She keeps adding value. I'm also a member of her Power Women ELITE Mastermind & Membership

Diane DiResta
Professional Speaker, Virtual Presentation Coach Leadership & Executive Presence Coach Virtual Seminars Media Trainer Emcee Author

I’ve been accepted into the Fast Company Executive Board and am writing for the magazine. Yay!
A leading US business magazine described me as “Innovative and creative as they come”. Eeek! I am so honoured! But none of this would have happened without the amazing one and only Pegine Echevarria, encouraging me to fully own my own story and tell it as such.

Keka DesKupta
Award winning brand expert and mental health advocate. Discover how branding principles can transform our mental health


For Experts, Speakers and Coaches

This is the only comprehensive annual business planner
for speakers, coaches, and experts.

Instead of wondering, " what am I going to do?” every day, you turn to your planner and gain clarity.

  • You're clear about what your income-producing activities are.
  • You're clear about how you will get what you need to succeed.
  • You're clear on maintaining the mindset of success and the vibrations of abundance that you need to Keep On Keepin On.

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Your EXPERTISE is Needed Now!

Be Powerful! Be You! Have a Positive Impact! Women leaders who exhibit power, authority, and influence are bold, brave, heard and seen.