Called to Lead

Success Strategies for Women

Your guidebook and the mentoring book addresses:

  • Your calling to lead. 
  • The developmental skills needed to thrive 
  • Tools for the mind shift needed to succeed as a leader.
  • Strategies to have it all from thrivers who did it all
  • How to leverage your influence to make changes in the world
  • Tips to investing in your natural leadership calling so that
    • You can manage more complex issues
    • Have a more abundant, exhilarating life
    • Still, be at peace, refreshed, and happy
    • Be confident and effective following your calling


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Diverse Worldwide Leadership Insights

Each chapter has:

Her Passion and Story ✦ Each author has a different leadership journey and passion. Diversity is key to learning and each leader's story is unique. Knowing a person's power enables you to grow your own power.

Her Quote ✦ A quote the author created for herself. She lives by her quote; it has meaning to her leadership and life.

Advice-Her ✦ As your advisor, she shares her advice for your journey as a leader.

Action Steps for Her ✦ Steps you can take in the next 24 hours to one week that can make a difference in your life and leadership.

Five Segments

Called to Lead has five segments, with several chapters in each segment:

The Power of Being Called to Lead

The Power of Self Mastery in Leadership

The Power of Influential Leadership

The Power of Emotions and The Mind in Leadership

The Power of Leadership Love

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