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Certified Virtual Presenter of Excellence

How people gain information has changed dramatically. Everything is virtual.  People have become savvy, for months they have watched virtual presenters, and know that most virtual presenters aren't able to engage, educate, embrace, and create a positive memorable experience.


Meeting professionals, corporate decision-makers, industry leaders want to be assured that you are capable of presenting VIRTUALLY to their members and audiences in an engaging, informative, entertaining, and compelling way. They are investing in you and want to know that you are the 'real deal'. Power Women Worldwide is asked by leaders "Which speakers are the TOP Virtual speakers?"



Our Reputation is on the line! 

YOUR REPUTATION is on the line.

Become a Certified Virtual Presenter of Excellence.

Demonstrate you have what it takes to be one of the best in the virtual world.


Earn the Power Women Worldwide VIRTUAL Presenter Certification for EXCELLENCE as a VIRTUAL presenter.

Yes, we certify men. They do go through an extra step. 

We are often asked, “Why are you certifying men?” We certify allies. Men who have shown a commitment to promoting, creating partnerships, sponsoring women in a VIRTUAL World. These men include women VIRTUAL presenters in their interviews, programs, and are true partners with women in business. They are role models and phenomenal VIRTUAL presenters.

The Certification requires the following: 

Once you are assessed and approved you will receive your certification. 

There are three core segments.

  • Technology
  • Expertise in Presenting
  • Preparation for Failure and Tech Problems



  1. Lighting- Your lighting setup. You have to be lit well. 
  2. Microphone and Audio setup. Quality Audio a must. 
  3. Camera setup and quality.
  4. You must submit a picture of your setup




Proof of ability to Communicate Your Expertise.

  1. Submit a 15 minute sample of you sharing expertise content in a virtual environment. You can send a YOU-TUBE link.  Point us to the minute and seconds you want us to watch. 


  1. A ten minute segment of you interacting with the audience using any technique that you feel showcases your ability to engage the audience. You can send a YOU-TUBE link.  Point us to the minute and seconds you want us to watch. 


  1.       Two clips of you virtually presenting 

- One Standing

- One sitting

You can apply previous clips submitted.


  • Can be part of a membership
  • Can be the name of a client and the fee paid
  • Can be a course that people play for


Answer the following questions : 

  1. What is your back up plan if when have a technology glitch?
  2. How do you communicate with client and audience members?
  3. Have you ever had a virtual presentation failure? What did you learn and what actions or strategies have you implemented to minimize the risk of it happening again?

Ready to Be Certified? 

Once you have the above your information, 

you can apply to be certified.


The application fee is $97. 


If you do not pass the first time, we will provide a coaching session to you, at no cost.

After the feedback session you can apply once more at no cost. 

Apply Now

What do you get? 

1. Respect and credibility. The certification communicates that you have taken the steps to be your best at virtual presentations. 

2. Certification Logo to use on all your promotional materials

3. Placed in the Directory of Power Women Certified Virtual Speakers

4. Included in promotional material of  Power Women Worldwide. 

Certified LOGO for all your marketing materials

Once approved you have permission to use the certified logo in all your marketing materials. People will know that you are vetted and certified. 

Directory of Power Women Certified Virtual Speakers

Every Certified Virtual Speaker is listed in our directory.  They are our first choice, we vouch for them. 



 is on the line.


Become a Certified Power Woman Worldwide Virtual Presenter of Excellence.


Demonstrate you have what it takes to be one of the best in the virtual world.