Mission of A Goddess Warrior

Mission of A Goddess Warrior

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There is fire in my belly. Strategy, and systems scale are my tools. I am the Goddess warrior leading, empowering, inspiring, and coaching men and women who know, who yearn, and who are determined to be a part of leading policy, profits, productivity and people under new leadership models.

I honor and work with men who see the magnificence of their wives, daughters, and female coworkers. To work with men who see themselves as men who empower female leaders. To work with men who love their roles as visionaries, including Dads, sons, brothers, and husbands courageously empowering the women in their lives. To guide and support men who are mentors, guides, new leaders, and yes, feminists ready to lead our world to our highest good. To educate and empower men who honor the female leaders they work for and serve. To applaud and celebrate and encourage those who honorably served Generals, Admirals and CEOs who happen to be women. To inspire, empower, and coach men who grew up with men who were raised by, men who married, men who have friends of strong, powerful, insightful, courageous women leaders. To work with courageous men who no longer choose to conform but who choose to create a new profitable, progressive reality.

I honor and work with women who choose to lead, succeed and go beyond. I choose to work with women who are willing to be confident, charismatic, courageous, and creative so they can lead for our highest good. To work with women who intend to inspire, influence, and infuse us with responsibility, commitment and determination, compassion, and vision so we can all be more, do more, and have more.

I choose to work with those willing to break out of their "invisible handcuffs" to be magnificent, prosperous, and powerful. Those who choose to laugh and grow and enjoy the process yet are determined to accomplish their mission to be profitable, influential, and courageous to lead, grow and succeed..

For this mission, I am grateful. Do you know your mission?


1- What are you willing to commit to?

You have to be willing to be tenacious and visionary for your mission. You have to set your flag into the ground and say this is what I am here for and about. Choose something.


2- What are you willing to produce?

Once you know what you are committed to, you produce results for those you serve. You produce products that meet their needs. You produce ideas that solve their problems. You decide what you are willing to produce to meet your mission.


3- Who are you willing to inspire, lead and empower?

Could you define your 'people?' Who are they, and what are they about? What are they passionate about and how do they want to improve? Why them and why now? When you know the people you serve you can research them, connect with them and provide information for them.


4- What do you stand for?

What do you think about your mission? Your thoughts, opinions, and vision matter. You matter. Think about what you stand for. Think about what you stand for. Rushing is not an option. You have to really think.


5- How does what you do increase, expand and create for the greater good?

To be effective and valuable, it has to be big, scalable, and embrace the GREATER good. GOOD is important. Good for all. How do you do that? What is your dream?


6- What value are you offering to the world?

Your thoughts create value, and your ideas provide the solutions so your 'people' can be more, do more and have more. What value are you providing?

When you know this for yourself, your life, then your work has meaning and becomes profitable.


Pegine Echevarria

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