Steal the Spotlight: 10 Top Tips to Nail Your Next Speaking Demo!

I am on tenterhooks. I've been speaking for many decades. You always need an updated demo every few years. I hired a new group. Tomorrow, I will receive the draft.

The day before receiving a demo draft is the same every time. I'm excited, eager, anticipating, visualizing success, and expecting a video that surpasses my expectations.

Have you ever been there?

There are times I've been disappointed and bummed and frustrated, many times before with my demo. The result needed to reflect my imagination and didn’t. 

Why? Because I needed to hire someone with editorial skills and expertise. I needed clarification on what I wanted to showcase or be clear on my message. I now know that the editor director needs a detailed questionnaire from me. He should ask me important questions about what I wish my demo expresses, my message, who I serve, my vibe, and my uniqueness; they can only give me what I want if they have that information. 

I've been delighted, blown away, and thrilled when a production company surpasses my expectations. Usually, because they are incredibly skilled as editors, they get me, know me, and have studied me.

Yes, I've been happy and disappointed on both sides. It's all normal. It is part of the longevity of speaking. It's timing; it's what you pull together. So much depends on a combination of so many pieces. Here are the things I've learned.

Have a demo Dropbox file. There are key components you want—different folders to capture the details you will always need for future demos. So don't wait. Start now

  1. Client logos. Add new clients' logos every quarter. You will always need a demo reel. Always prepare for the inevitable. Prepare before that day, every day, and every month. You will need to remember clients and will stress yourself out trying to remember. Just make it an automatic process.
  2. Media. Logos and on-air clips. Download them and put them in the file under media. Finding your on-air clips when you need them is almost impossible. Download and file them. If you don't know how to download the files you will need to learn or hire a fiver person to do it for you.
  3. Written testimonials. Have a file with written testimonials. Choose The best talk a dot testimonial. File the best testimonials you received. Use a Google doc to compile and add the link to Dropbox
  4. Speaking clips. I wish I had hired a videographer for all my speeches. Invest. Take 1k out of your speech money and invest in a videographer.

Ask for a copy of the video from your client. Invest in a 35-dollar hard drive so the AV team can copy their raw video. Easy for them.  The AV team does need a hard drive with lots of memory. Put your name, phone number, email, and address on the drive. Or get a tripod and video camera and set it up yourself. Something is better than nothing.

Don't get caught up in beating yourself if it isn't perfect. A great editor can find three or 4-second nuggets that become amazing from an okay video.

  1. Video testimonials. Dump all the video testimonials into the file.
  2.  Book covers. Have a file with all of your book covers. Including your ebooks.
  3.  Awards. Have a file with pictures of the awards. Pictures of you accepting awards.
  4.  Photos. Have three subfolders.
  • One - is pro pictures. Your headshots and professional photos
  • Two -  is speaking photos. Photos of you on stage, speaking to audience members, interacting with audiences. Put those into a file.
  • Three -  is audience photos. Pictures of the audience listening, interacting, and clapping. Engaged
  1.  Branding. Have a branding book. That describes your colors. Your style, your fonts. A fiver person can do that for you.
  2. Your message. What is your message? What do you repeat all the time? Who do you love speaking to? What's your fee or your dream fee? Have a written statement answering the questions.

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