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Women in the Power Women ELITE have accomplished the following:

In Business

As Leaders

  • Ten have increased their sales by over 300%
  • 6 members closed six-figure deals. Each with just ONE of their clients
  • One has tripled her sales in ONE day.
  • Several have been featured in industry magazines, which has led to deals being closed.
  • 95% continued marketing and growing their business during the pandemic with positive outcomes.
  • All are receiving referrals, inquiries, and introductions to their perfect clients.

As Leaders

  • Are experiencing bliss, a positive attitude, trust in their path and process. They are happier
  • Increased their financial prosperity, revenue, opportunities
  • Elevated their presence. They are seen and heard  as experts and influencers.
  • Increased their confidence and self awareness
  • Elevated their connections and relationships.
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The mastermind is the secret sauce to growing your business, expanding your business, and increasing your confidence!

  • A weekly mastermind meeting at noon EST  on Tuesday, so you always have access to the group's brilliance. This is a lifeline for members. Every week you walk away pumped, confident and wiser.
  • A private Facebook group of sharing, caring, and kick butt support
  • One on One Coaching with Pegine (first come, first serve). Meet with Hall of Famer Keynote Speaker and award-winning businesswoman who has been a force in women's entrepreneurship for three decades.
  • Discounts to Team Pegine events such as the annual Power Women Gathering and Power Women Speakers Retreat.
  • Sales Tuesday - Tips for selling yourself, your business, your ideas, and your services.
  • Online Portal of courses, classes, and wisdom in all areas of your business.

Cheryle Kuba says VALUE, VALUE, VALUE

Power Women ELITE Mastermind & Membership = VALUE, VALUE, VALUE!

"I encourage you to run – don’t walk- and sign up for the Power Women Elite mastermind. A powerhouse in marketing and business building and success, Pegine has an innate ability to take your mini idea and turn it into a revenue-producing empire. Having just finished my FREE coaching call with Pegine, as a member of Elite, I came away with a new business plan with plenty of growth potential and sustainability. She helped me develop on-the-spot creative ideas. Pegine took me on a virtual tour of potential tools to use on the creative end and showed me how to secure creative resources to make those ideas happen. The value I received from the personal one-on-one coaching is Gold. One more thing. After the call, Pegine keeps you on her success radar, cheering you on the entire time. Elite is a unique sisterhood in every way. Elite members are a very diverse group of brilliant women from all over the world. Each member brings compassion, great business sense, and brilliant ideas to share. We become fast friends. In addition, there are a few wild moments on our calls that erupt into virtual dance parties."

Meet weekly with an advisory board, members of the mastermind, dedicated to helping you grow your business.

They see things you don't. They will share their perspective and opinion. You don't have to take it but it information you won't get anywhere else.

Get referrals and resources that will help you grow. The Advisors in the mastermind share resources they have used and refer you to people they know, like and trust.

Role play and practice so you can ask for what you want. Sales and promoting yourself is easier when others can help you communicate your value. They believe in you.

Key benefits from Power Women ELITE Membership and Mastermind for women influencers


You are surrounded by women speakers, experts and authorities who are growing their business, expanding their influence and want to learn how to do it smart, effectively and prosperously.


Coaching, mentoring and masterminds to educate, inspire and lift you up.


Discounts on events, webinars and conferences plus introductions to suppliers who want to work with Power Women ELITE members and offer discounts to you.


Opportunities to meet, work with and be supported by brilliant women who are in business as influencers, speakers and experts.


to people in the know

Angela Buttimer

"Such a fabulous group of womenβ€ΌοΈπŸ’•πŸ’― I have surpassed my financial goals in the first two-quarters of this yearβ€ΌοΈπŸ’•πŸ’―"

Time to ACT

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Dr. Romila “Romie” Mushtaq, M.D., ABIHM

"This membership is instrumental in guiding me as I transitioned from live programs to virtual programs. Pegine and David guided me, showed me the way, and helped me build my business back. I love being in Power Women ELITE."

Shanna Kabatznick

"The coaching I've received from Pegine enabled me to close a six-figure deal, close virtual speaking engagements, and have a plan that I can act on. This program has given me a tremendous amount of confidence. I love being in Power Women ELITE."

Laura Timbrook

"Clarity, confidence, community, and advice. This is my go-to advisors. These are my peeps, Pegine guided me in my niche which has led to doors opening for me. Plus my podcast and the lessons I've learned from doing them are opening more doors. I love being in Power Women ELITE."

Sandy Weaver

"Giving myself and my business the gift of Elite membership is the best business decision I could have made. Yay, me, for investing in my growth, both in business and in life. 🀩πŸ”₯πŸ’–"



Known as a maverick leader Pegine is pioneering, irreverent, and entrepreneurial. As a Keynote speaker on leadership and business, she is motivational, inspirational, hilarious, real, and relevant.

Pegine is independent, confident, and perhaps a little eccentric. She is creative, innovative, and sharp-witted. A deep thinker, she thinks in both linear and nonlinear ways. People love being around her, and she is a natural leader with an adventurous spirit. She goes by her first name, Pegine, if first names are good enough for Oprah, Beyoncé and Shakira it is good enough for her.

Pegine is a powerhouse of inspiration. From the gangs of New York to the boardrooms of government and corporations, she ticks some pretty big boxes!”

Be powerful! Be You! Make a positive impact!

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