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Power Women
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Every Week

Social Media Marketing Blitz

Monday Weekly from
9am to 10am on Monday (Mountain Time - Denver) 11:00 AM Eastern Time (ET)   8:00 AM  Pacific Time (PT)

Every week we work on your social media goals and action steps. We work side by side to get our social media sh*t done.


Power Women ELITE

Paid Mastermind & Membership

Tuesday 12 pm - 2 pm EST

The weekly mastermind group works on our business, mindset, sales and actions to grow our businesses and leverage the brilliance of the women in the group 


Sales Blitz

Tuesday 4 pm EST

We are dedicated one hour to our sales calls, outreach, and focused sales tactics. It works. We are booking business. 


Sales Blitz

Thursday 4 pm - 5 pm EST

We are dedicated one hour to our sales calls, outreach, and focused sales tactics. It works. We are booking business. 



Power Women Keynote Summit - 2024

September 6,7 8


Pegine's Keynote Summit in Jacksonville, Florida - September 6, 7, 8

Unleash Your Keynote Potential with Pegine!

Are you ready to elevate your keynote speaking career to new heights? Join us at Pegine's Keynote Summit in beautiful Jacksonville, Florida, from September 6th to 8th. This transformative three-day event is designed specifically for experts, speakers, and coaches who are ready to master the art of keynote speaking and unlock their full potential.

Why You Should Attend:

1. Learn from the Best:
Pegine Echevarria, an award-winning keynote speaker and business coach, brings her decades of experience and expertise to this summit. With her dynamic energy and actionable insights, Pegine will guide you through the intricacies of keynote planning, stagecraft, marketing, and sales.

2. Comprehensive Training:
Over three days, you will dive deep into the essential elements of keynote success. From crafting compelling keynote content to mastering stage presence and engaging your audience, you'll gain the skills needed to deliver impactful keynotes that leave a lasting impression.

3. Keynote Marketing and Sales:
Discover proven strategies for marketing yourself as a keynote speaker and securing high-paying speaking engagements. Learn how to build your brand, leverage social media, and create a powerful speaker portfolio that stands out to event organizers and decision-makers.

4. Networking Opportunities:
Connect with like-minded professionals who share your passion for keynote speaking. Build valuable relationships, exchange ideas, and collaborate with peers who can support and inspire you on your journey to keynote success.

5. Empowerment and Confidence:
Walk away with renewed confidence and a clear action plan for your keynote speaking career. Pegine's empowering sessions will help you overcome self-doubt, embrace your unique voice, and step into your power as a keynote speaker.

What You'll Walk Away With:

- Keynote Planning Mastery: Develop a robust framework for creating compelling and impactful keynote presentations that resonate with your audience.
- Stagecraft Skills: Learn techniques to captivate your audience, manage stage presence, and deliver your message with confidence and charisma.
- Marketing and Sales Strategies: Gain insights into effective marketing tactics, branding, and sales techniques to promote yourself and secure lucrative speaking engagements.
- Personalized Feedback: Receive individualized feedback from Pegine and industry experts to refine your keynote content and delivery.
- Actionable Plan:Leave with a detailed, actionable plan tailored to your keynote speaking goals, ensuring you have a clear path to success.

Register Today!

Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to learn from one of the best in the business and transform your keynote speaking career. Register now for Pegine's Keynote Summit in Jacksonville, Florida, and take the first step towards becoming a sought-after keynote speaker.

Dates: September 6, 7, 8
Location: Jacksonville, Florida

Spaces are limited, so secure your spot today and get ready to unleash your keynote power with Pegine!

November (watch for dates)


Annual Planning for Speakers, Experts and Coaches


Annual "Called to Plan" Three-Day Retreat for Speakers, Experts, and Coaches

Plan 2025 for Thriving Success!

Are you ready to take your business to the next level in 2025? Join us for the Annual "Called to Plan" Retreat, a transformative three-day event designed exclusively for speakers, experts, and coaches. Held in an inspiring and serene setting, this retreat is your opportunity to develop a comprehensive, actionable plan that ensures your business thrives in the coming year.

Why You Should Attend:

1. Comprehensive Business Planning: Gain clarity on your business vision, goals, and strategies. You'll walk away with a detailed plan of action that covers every aspect of your business, from product development to marketing and sales.

2. Product Clarity: Understand your unique value proposition and develop products and services that resonate with your target audience. This retreat will help you refine your offerings to meet the needs of your clients and maximize your impact.

3. Marketing and Social Media Mastery: Create a robust social media and marketing plan tailored to your business. Learn the latest strategies to engage your audience, build your brand, and drive sales. You'll leave with a clear roadmap for leveraging digital platforms to grow your business.

4. Confidence and Clarity: Build the confidence to execute your plan with precision. Our expert facilitators will guide you through exercises and discussions that enhance your clarity, focus, and determination, ensuring you are ready to take bold steps towards your goals.

5. Earning What You Deserve: Develop strategies to price your services appropriately and position yourself as a premium provider in your industry. Understand the value you bring and ensure you are compensated fairly for your expertise and hard work.

What You'll Walk Away With:

  • A Flexible Business Plan: A comprehensive, flexible plan that adapts to changing circumstances while keeping you on track to achieve your goals.
  • Clarity on Products and Services: A clear understanding of your product offerings and how to effectively market them to your ideal clients.
  • Marketing and Social Media Strategies: A detailed social media and marketing plan that enhances your visibility and drives engagement.
  • Confidence and Empowerment: Renewed confidence and a sense of empowerment to implement your plan and achieve your business goals.
  • Actionable Insights: Practical tools, tips, and techniques that you can immediately apply to grow your business and increase your revenue.

Register Today!

Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to plan for your success in 2025. The Annual "Called to Plan" Retreat is your chance to develop a winning strategy, gain clarity, and ensure your business thrives in the coming year.

Dates: [Insert Retreat Dates Here]
Location: [Insert Retreat Location Here]

Spaces are limited, so secure your spot today and get ready to plan, grow, and thrive with the "Called to Plan" Retreat. Embrace the power of a well-crafted plan and step confidently into the future of your business.

Register Now and Take Charge of Your 2025 Success!

Power Women Worldwide

Power Women ELITE

The  Mastermind for women speakers, experts, and coaches

The mastermind is the secret sauce to growing your business, expanding your business, and increasing your confidence!

  • A weekly mastermind meeting at noon EST  on Tuesday, so you always have access to the group's brilliance. This is a lifeline for members. Every week you walk away pumped, confident and wiser.
  • One-on-one coaching with Pegine (first come, first serve). Meet with Hall of Famer Keynote Speaker and award-winning businesswoman who has been a force in women's entrepreneurship for three decades.
  • Discounts to Team Pegine events such as the annual Power Women Gathering and Power Women Speakers Retreat.
  • Sales Tuesday - Tips for selling yourself, your business, your ideas, and your services.
  • Online Portal of courses, classes, and wisdom in all business areas.
Join Power Women ELITE Coaching and turn your vision into reality.