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Every Week

Social Media Marketing Blitz

Monday 12pm - 1 pm EST

Every week we work on your social media goals and action steps. We work side by side to get our social media sh*t done.


Power Women ELITE

Paid Mastermind & Membership

Tuesday 12 pm - 2 pm EST

The weekly mastermind group works on our business, mindset, sales and actions to grow our businesses and leverage the brilliance of the women in the group 


Sales Blitz

Tuesday 4 pm EST

We are dedicated one hour to our sales calls, outreach, and focused sales tactics. It works. We are booking business. 


Power Women CONNECT

Every Other Wednesday
12 pm - 1 pm EST

Every other week, a Power Women PRO shares her expertise with us. Great way for us to get to know what we do, learn from each other, and refer business to the speaker because we know what she does. 


Sales Blitz

Thursday 4 pm - 5 pm EST

We are dedicated one hour to our sales calls, outreach, and focused sales tactics. It works. We are booking business. 



Power Women CONNECT - 2024

April 3

Lessons From A Mingling Maven
-Susan RoAne 

Exciting to have the amazing, brilliant keynote speaker Susan RoAne share her 15 Minutes to Magnificent and Meaningful “Mingling”. (or any title you think fits).
Susan's promise: attendees will get practical and DO able tips and strategies for any “room”, event, meeting or gathering so they are consistently confident and comfortable.
In 15 minutes Susan will cover:
1.Roadblocks and remedies to working rooms
2. Top 3 traits of SAVVY Networkers
3. Connected Conversation
Because relationship building essential to our careers, our speaking businesses and our lives, Susan RoAne is here to share her socializing strategies for Face to face communication in a digital world.
Her first book- the classic bestseller How To Work A Room® sold over one million copies worldwide and launched an industry. Her other best sellers include The Secrets of Savvy Networking, What Do I Say Next and her newest book is Face To Face: How To Reclaim The Personal Touch in A Digital World.
Susan RoAne has shared her message with audiences worldwide, and in diverse publications including the New York Times, Sydney Telegraph, USA Today,, O Magazine, The Chicago Tribune, Entrepreneur, Costco Connection, and San Francisco Chronicle and The Wall Street Journal!
“Her clients include Coca Cola, Chase Bank, Office Depot, The US Air Force (where she shares her mingling & networking strategies with the newly minted Brigadier Generals, Apple Computer, Procter and Gamble, Boeing, the National Football League, — and, until now — her personal favorite . . . Hershey Chocolate!

April 17


The Two Invisible Saboteurs Stunting Your Success as a Speaker
-Kathryn Orford


The Inner Critic and Playing what I call "The Compare and Despair Game." Your inner critic hasn't been there all along, but its been rehearsing its lines for years. Isn't it time for you to re-write the script? Stop for a moment and imagine how you'll feel, and what you'll be able to achieve when your inner critic has been replaces by a cheer squad and you're playing The Compare and Dare Game" instead.

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